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Racial Disparity in Cancer Treatment Survey for a High School Student, PLEASE HELP HIM!

Hi, I’m Beth Morgan and in addition to being a breast cancer thriver, I’m a high school teacher. When I was going through chemo I had a student who had lost his mom to breast cancer. Needless to say, Neel and had a rapport. He is in AP Capstone which means he has selected a topic, researched it, wrote about it, and now he’s creating his own research. His topic, of course, is cancer research. He’s looking at racial disparity in the treatment received. I’m hoping that some of you in this wonderful community will help him out.

Here are the basics: his name is Neel Iyer and he’s a senior at Lassiter High School in Cobb County. His timeframe for this survey is the month of April. He will then compile data and research and then he’ll create a research presentation which will be judged by the CollegeBoard. If you’d be willing to help him (I’m sure hoping you will!) here is the link:

Thank you!

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  • Thu Apr 1, 2021

Hello. I find this an interesting survey. Please Note: It is for people in the metro-Atlanta area, I believe, no one else? Since I’m not in that area I won’t join but I will say, I had no insurance when a suspicious lesion was found in my lung. I “pounded the sidewalk” seeking medical help. What I found, in my south Florida community, were people, doctors, etc. willing to help me. And help me fast. From the first CT scan to my robotic surgery it was 6 months. Some tests were donated to me, some I paid for (and still am), and some were done after I could get insurance. If I wasn’t able to get insurance I would have been able to receive care for nominal cost (which I would have paid as well as other tests done) at a highly regarded cancer center. But I did have to ask, enquire, ask, talk to people, ask, explain, and PRAY – a lot. But in the end, I received the help I needed. And I saw this same treatment for many other patients, no matter their race, creed, or color.

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  • Thu Apr 1, 2021

Wow! what a great story of a community helping! I am so glad you shared this with me (I’ll pass it along to Neel). And, please do complete his google form – you don’t have to be in the ATL area to participate. Now, back to your story – I have to say that my oncologists are the very best, most compassionate and caring doctors I’ve come across, and it sounds like you’ve experienced the same! Are you done with treatment now? You’re also right about the power of PRAYER! thank you again for taking the time to respond!!

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  • Fri Apr 2, 2021

I’m happy to help. I am actually working on some medical situations for people and trying to get better care for all of us. Honestly, I was quite perplexed at much of what I saw and experienced during my lung cancer journey. Some good stuff, some not. I am glad Neel is doing this. My oncologist has helped a ToN but too, it is a journey. I am lucky, BUT I pushed for my own luck. Many cannot do this. I am trying to help ones who cannot. Am writing a book about it along with 2 other ladies. If my email address pops up when you get this message, feel free to message me there. And yes, prayer and listening to myself, my intuitions and asking lots of questions and doing my own research saved me from a worse fate.

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  • Sat Apr 3, 2021

Hello! I so admire you for the book writing! What a great way to give back and help others along their journey — I don’t think of cancer as a “fight” as in something I can “win” or “beat” but rather as a long road ahead of me (but, one I hope I don’t encounter any more road blocks on!). I am including Neel’s email here:
I really believe this kid will make a difference in future cancer research.
Thank you!!

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  • Tue Apr 6, 2021

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