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Anyone had this experience

Hi, I'm Amy S O.

I was first diagnosed with squamous cell base of tongue cancer in Nov 2009. I received chemo and radiation in beginning of 2010, then needed surgery in Feb and March of 2011. The nerve damage and lack of saliva is bad enough, I experience such pain in my neck, tongue, headaches. But have been cancer free since March of 2011! Praise The Lord!! But as of lately well since August, I have been experiencing more than normal throat pain, my voice is hoarse sounding, bleeding in the mornings when I first wake up, shooting pain from my ears down the side of the neck. I had a Ct scan it came back fine. But I just feel not right. Is it possible there is something going on and no tumors are present?

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  • Sun Nov 10, 2013
Hi, I'm GARY N.

To bad you couldn’t get a PET scan it would show any active cancers….Buy a CT should have showed something if you had it….

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  • Sun Aug 2, 2020

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